Romeo Vegas Lehigh Valley Rock Band Press Kit

Romeo Vegas is a four piece band comprised of Nick Kessler, John Scarangello, Johnny Scarangello Jr. and Steve Berlen. Formed in 2010 with one mission in mind, they provide a high energy show that entertains people coming off a long work week. Their musical philosophy is simple..."Take highly recognizable songs, a smooth blend of new and classic, and revere them while adding years of their own cultivated passion and energy"  They are not interested in solely duplicating songs, but rather they inject their own musical influences, styles and attack. Romeo Vegas also believes in doing two long sets throughout the night or as Nick would put it:

"We are not there to take long breaks several times throughout the night...we are there to provide a great time to those who deserve it most, the audience. Plus we love playing for people. If it were up to me we would play straight through the night without a single break, but then...when would we go to the bathroom?"

Every song that Romeo Vegas plays is familiar to a broad range and age and can come from any genre of rock music. Many people, after watching a Romeo Vegas show, have commented on how the band covered so many different artists and that the show took them on a rock and roll roller coaster ride. Taking their ears from here to there, there to here and back.

Contact Romeo Vegas at 610-216-8292 or if you are interested in booking Romeo Vegas at your establishment.